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Release Day.

Between Two Kingdoms officially releases today. I worry a lot about being too self-promotional. At some level, the whole idea of having a blog is self-promotion…or at least self-exposure. I tend to hold back when I get excited about things. I find it annoying when all people talk about our their personal projects and ideas.

The problem is that I do things like make movies and write books. I pour countless hours – years – into these things and then suddenly they are “finished.” Today is an exciting day for me, so I’m going to write about it. Not because I want you to buy my book, but because I know people will be reading it soon. It feels somewhat like sending a kid to college. (I assume. I still have eight years before that dreaded day.) I’ve done all I can for her and now she is on her own…off to become whatever she will be – to meet whomever she will meet.

Here are my hopes for this book:

1. That it lands in the hands of people who are ready to receive the Kingdom like a child.
2. That it can be used as a new canvas on which to paint the gospel.
3. That it will give useful metaphors to people to talk about the Trinitarian God and his work in the world.
4. That those who read it would become more courageous.
5. That parents and kids would read it together.

If you pray, I’d ask that you would pray for those things as you think about me and the book. Though it may look from the outside like I do many different things, all I really do is tell stories about Jesus and the Kingdom in different ways. A storyteller just wants his stories to fall like seeds on fertile soil ready to receive them. Today just happens to be the first day that this particular seed is scattered.

Joe Boyd on Between Two Kingdoms

Check out the most recent interview with Between Two Kingdoms author, Joe Boyd:

Tell an Alternative Story

Ivan Illich was once asked, ‘What is the most revolutionary way to change society: Is it violent revolution or is it gradual reform?’ He gave a careful answer: ‘Neither. If you want to change society, then you must tell an alternative story.’

To be a Christian is to tell an alternative story…a story that started long ago and continues to this very moment and into the future.

In a world where every thought of every person was only evil all the time, Noah told an alternative story and built a wooden freighter in his back yard in the middle of a drought. His story saved the world. Continue reading ‘Tell an Alternative Story’

Story – Truer than Facts

Writing Between Two Kingdoms was an eleven year process. Not that I worked on it everyday – or even every year. But it was a long, drawn-out experiment that ended more than a decade after it began.

I plan on writing some specific posts about the contents of the book itself after the release in March, but for now I have decided to rework some of the older posts from my blog, Rebel Pilgrim, that apply to the ideas central to BTK: specifically the centrality of Story and Kingdom. With that in mind, I’d love to share a story that I wrote seven years ago about a conversation with my son…who is now ten: Continue reading ‘Story – Truer than Facts’

Living in the Big Story

I suppose I am post-modern. I’ve never tried to be, but whenever I decide to google the things that I really believe in I end up on some obscure website reading about post-modernism, post-liberalism or post-Enlightenment thinking. Kinda makes you wonder what the “pre” to the “post” is. I guess this means that my entire worldview somehow rejects what was popular thinking when I entered the world making me “post-everything.” A thousand years from now people like me probably won’t be known as post-anything. Maybe we will be known as pre-narratives or pre-neotheocommunists or whatever. At any rate, the same thing they were saying about my generation twenty years ago is still true – all we really know for sure is that we don’t know who we are yet.

Maybe I believe that story matters more than anything because I am a storyteller. Or maybe I became a storyteller because I believe that story matters more than anything. Either way, it probably doesn’t matter. The problems I see associated with faith in America boil down to the fact that people refuse to believe that their faith-story is actually their metanarrative (I’d define this word as “the biggest story I live inside.”) Continue reading ‘Living in the Big Story’

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