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The Brick Wall: A Kingdom Parable

Then Jesus started preaching, “Turn back to God! The kingdom of heaven will soon be here.” – Matthew 4:17 (CEV)

Imagine a brick wall.

What you are imagining is not nearly big enough. Imagine yourself standing in front of a massive brick wall. Now, look to the right. The brick wall continues as far as you can see. Now look to the left. It has no end. Look up. As far as you can see – past the clouds and into outer space. The brick wall never ends.

Now imagine that this brick wall is real. And that it exists in the future. This is the wall that separates the past and the present from the future. Behind the wall exists Heaven. Heaven is a good place and you’d like to be there. What little we know of Heaven is mysterious, but we know that it is a good place – no death, no mourning, no crying, no pain. God reigns in Heaven with a loving rule. Heaven has the power to heal. Continue reading ‘The Brick Wall: A Kingdom Parable’

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